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Oorlogswinter (LINK)


In the Nazi-occupied Netherlands, a teenage boy gets involved in the Dutch Resistance after coming to the aid of a wounded RAF pilot. (LINK) (LINK2)




Winter in Wartime (Oorlogswinter, 1972) is a novel by the Dutch writer Jan Terlouw. The story is about a 16-year-old Dutch boy who lives through the last winter of World War II and is based on the author's recollections; Terlouw was 8 when the German army invaded the Netherlands.

Winter in Wartime is one of the most popular Dutch books of the postwar period. It sold an estimated half a million copies, and library estimates indicate that more than a million children read the book. In 2014, Terlouw said he still receives mail, daily, about the book. His primary purpose, he said, was to make it clear to readers that they shouldn't think, after finishing the book, that the war had somehow been a glorious period; the second was to provide—in a moderate manner—a human face for the Germans, something he said had not yet been done by the early 1970s.

In 1973, the novel won the Gouden Griffel.

Berlin 1900

Berlin 1900

Berlin 1900

Berlin 1900

Am i dreaming?

Realizing that every single person in that video is not alive today is sort of weird.

A much simpler time in history, before the World Wars and so much death and destruction.

Wäre es nie zum Krieg gekommen, wäre Deutschland dann die Supermacht?

The things the world did to Germany to stop it becoming independent and strong... Justice for Germany.

I always hated hoe High School in the US "taught" us that Imperial Germany was some dictatorship without freedom and that Germany was trying to take over the world and pretty much comparing the German Empire to Nazi Germany. Imperial Germany was no more worse than Imperial Britain and the US in 1900.

Interesting. Men's fashion has hardly changed for a whole century, while women's fashion has totally changed.

I want to live back in those days, because I want to get away from all this multiculturalism and all the difference between culture and everything.

To those interested, the song is 'Time' by Hans Zimmer.



1967 — London Street Scenes

1967 Summer — London Street Scenes

1967 - London Street Scenes

1967 — London Street Scenes

People dressed a lot smarter than today. Woman looked good in their outfits and it was a more exciting time than today even though people had far less than what you may have today. I think the country today has been taken advantage of today. It’s over populated and their isn’t a good mix no more. No one talks to one another and foreigners do not want to mix and keep to themselves which isn’t good at all!

I like 1967 London better than today!

Everyone slim and stylish. Noone is looking at their phones. No mass immigration yet. Looks awesome.

Now you can see more girls with hijab than blondes.

So many white people, and women without scarfs! Amazing footage! Now walking in the streets of London is like walking in Islamambad.

I'm affraid, we will never see that kind of English London anymore. Very sad. I have been in London about 10 years ago and I will never go there again. It would break my heart.

No Muslim garb. Everyone looks "English". Imagine that. Sorry, Londoners, but your city has forever been changed --- FOR THE WORSE.

Why I was born in Brazil? Why I was not lived in 60's decade? I hate my generation and my life!! :((

Shame London looks more like Lahore these days. Thanks a lot Leftist cultural relativists.

And most of those adults are now dead and the city has been taken over by foreigners who do not want to do with anything English and yet the remaining English did nothing about it. You get what you sow. Sad really.


Russian Folk Music, Part IV

Russian Folk Music, Part IV


Stockholm, Sweden 2009 / ZURICH — a walking in the town

Stockholm, Sweden 2009 (Part 1) (LINK)

Stockholm 2009

Stockholm, Sweden

Europe is by far the most beautiful place on the planet.

My dream is to go to Sweden and live there!

Scandinavians are often considered to have the world's highest standard of living, with Sweden occupying the top of that happy ranking and Stockholm is sometimes considered the number one city in the world in which to live. So it figures there are many wonderful things for the visitor to enjoy in Stockholm, a city created by a society that truly cares about people. They really believe in quality of life, and have built a place that is one of Europe's truly beautiful capitals. Stockholm is some kind of urban utopia - so let's go find out what makes it so special.



ZURICH — a walking in the town ... (LINK)



Emperor (LINK) (LINK IMBD)









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